Judy Janiczek-Crawford is a portrait and still-life artist in Northwest Indiana. The artist maintains a studio and gallery near her home, and also sells out of several galleries including the Inspire Studio and Gallery (Carmel, IN); the Hoosier Salon Gallery (Carmel, IN); The Chesterton Gallery of Art (Chesterton, IN); and The Art Barn (Valparaiso, IN).

Crawford executes commissioned works for public institutions and private clients.  She also has figurative, still life, and landscape works available for sale. In all of her works, the artist makes the direction of the light falling on the subject her primary concern. Light is the modulator that provides dimensionality and weight to each subject, be it an oil, charcoal, pencil, or pastel painting. The dialectics of opacity versus transparency, hard to soft edges, and crisp detail versus loose rendering are all determined by the direction and strength of light falling on the subject.

Crawford is a signature member of the Indiana Artists’ Club, and had work featured in the IAC’s 83rd Annual Juried Exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2015. That same year, the artist also took part in two solo shows at the Hoosier Salon Gallery (Carmel, IN) and at The Gallery (New Harmony, IN). Other recent showcases for the artist have included: the National Butler Mid-Year Exhibit (Youngstown, OH); The Fort Wayne Biennial (Fort Wayne, IN); the 57th Mid-States Exhibit (Evansville, IN); and the 90th Hoosier Salon Exhibit (Indianapolis, IN).

This year, Crawford’s work will be featured in the Indiana Now 2016 exhibition (Lafayette, IN) to mark the state’s bicentennial.